Monday, December 8, 2008

SKG GiN Podcast Episode 2

The 2nd podcast is finally up. If you are viewing this in your feed reader then you should already be aware of this and maybe even already streaming it.

We discuss the first-person genre of videogames as well as ramble at length on the games we are playing and loads more.

There are a few factual errors here and there, but hey! That's what you get for having a conversation and pulling your facts from memory instead of from a website or something.

Anyway, enjoy, and let us know what you think in the comments.

You can also download it here and a higher quality version here. To stream it, just view this post in your feed reader. We are working on getting it on iTunes as well for those that use it to listen and keep track of their podcasts.


TISU said...

i'm surprised in the podcast (2) you guys didn't mention in the whole FPS discussion, Sony's "Halo beater" Kill Zone. Also First person games without guns, how about Mist?

Yegwa said...

Well, I guess it probably was just because I think none of us had played it really. Then again, the conversation was really off-the-cuff and in retrospect there are games like Half Life and Half Life 2 which were mentioned but not talked about in depth and others like even Serious Sam or Unreal Tournament. Ah well.

As for Myst, we wouldn't consider that an FPS really I don't think as the world is mostly interacted with on a 2-dimensional plane. I haven't played Myst 3d though so I dunno about that.