Friday, December 12, 2008

L4D Multiplayer

Before I get into a summary of the multiplayer fun we had playing Left 4 Dead over system link, let me make a correction. Yesterday I said that Niyi cries for help as a hunter gouges out his insides. Well, he was actually gasping for breath as a Smoker constricted his windpipe.

With that out of the way...

So, Monday and Tuesday were public holidays in Nigeria because of the Islamic Eid-el-Kabir. I decided to ask the guys if they would be willing to try out the multiplayer co-op in Left 4 Dead on Monday and then play the versus mode and then Halo 3 on Tuesday with a few more people. They said yes!

On Monday night we got together and settled down for some 4 player action, only for El Cij to abandon us because he couldn't find his way out of Cyrodiil back to the real world. We forgive him, but only just. So, Niyi, Michael and I got started and began going through the 'No Mercy' campaign on Normal difficulty.

We actually did pretty well. No one ever died, we stuck together and proved to be a proper Spartan fighting unit, but instead of spears, we had automatic shotguns and assault rifles spitting hot lead. I was even beginning to fear that maybe it was too easy, but the escape from the roof of the hospital proved me wrong.

We wiped out 5 times in our attempt to escape, until I suggested that maybe we try and camp out in the stairwell of the communications room. This worked out very well for us and we took out every zombie that dared show its face including two tanks. Unfortunately, once the helicopter arrived, only three of us made it out with Michael getting stomped by zombies on the way to the helicopter. By the time we realised, the pilot had lifted off, leaving us with a cinematic view of a horde of zombies fighting over Mike's corpse.

Ah well.

What was really cool though, was the times that we didn't make it. It really was like watching a movie. Like when Michael and I would have died and we would watch Niyi fighting with everything he had (and he was using Bill as his character so it made it look even better) with the AI controlling Francis in support. One time, Niyi actually even thought he was dead when he was incapacitated by zombies so he came into the room we were in watching our screen. We then saw Francis shooting zombies off him with the precision of a machine and struggling to get Niyi back on his feet. Michael and I shouted at him to go back to his pad, he still had a chance!

Watching from our own screens we saw him shooting with dual pistols at the horde, giving Francis support until he could get up. Unfortunately, they got seperated by the horde, and that just resulted in them becoming zombie snacks.

It was really cool, and although we tried playing through the Dead Air campaign not long after we finished No Mercy, by the time people were running into walls because they were falling asleep at the controllers, we decided it was time for bed.

The game is really awesome in multiplayer and I can imagine it would have been even more so if Siji hadn't sold us out for the Dark Brotherhood. Sometimes it felt like it would really get too easy once we all got used to the game, but the AI Director really gave us some good scares and paced the levels pretty well. Oh, and we got to burn two witches which was cool. It is also possible the reason it felt like it was too easy was because of how uber Francis was at taking out the specials.

The second day was even more interesting, but I think I will get Niyi to write about that as he was the one playing, I just observed from time-to-time...and laughed a lot.

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