Sunday, December 7, 2008


Played 3 chapters of the first campaign (the levels are called campaigns with chapters further sub-dividing them) in single player, and most of the first chapter with Niyi in co-op.

I have killed a Smoker while it tried to draw me in close, gotten over 100 headshots, and avoided taking damage after been puked on by a Boomer. I say this not to make a feeble attempt at bragging, but to emphasise the fact that all these things happened without me planning to get the achievements. I got all of them in the heat of trying to survive the zombie apocalypse.

I have cracked more than 100 zombie skulls with bullets not because of some hardcore-ness on my part, but because I wanted, needed to survive and we all know what necessity is the mother of...

Random shots fired in panic at a smoker while I was being pulled in? Blind luck! And speaking of blind luck, the episode with the Boomer and me taking no damage? Heh, I was huddled behind my companions and meleeing like a mad man waiting for the damn vomit to disappear. This game is too intense, and I love it!

I have only put give or take roughly 2-3 hours into it and it is already all I could hope for. Now, to see whether it holds up in the long run. Can't wait to play the multiplayer now.

I will post more once we go at it with 4 people.

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