Saturday, December 6, 2008

A Next Metal Gear Is...

Okay Kojima san, I am ready to play ball. As long as A Next Metal Gear Is not another Metal Gear Solid.
What I wouldn't mind is if it was a hint for a spin off of the core series. What I would really like would be another franchise from Kojima, or maybe an extrapolation of some of his ideas in Boktai or hell even Zone of the Enders (if he can team up with an editor!).
Some people are speculating that it is an IP for the iPhone which I guess makes sense from the imagery of the teaser, but the power symbol at the end is too universal a symbol. They could have been more specific. What about some sort of top-down MGS like in the good ol' days on the MSX and the NES? With the exclamation marks being abstract representations of Snake and Raiden?
Yeah, I know that was a stretch. 
Well, waiting and hoping that it's a good reveal at the end of the day.


Derek Rumpler said...

I interpreted the last symbol to mean "on" (as it looks like the on/off switch on many electronic devices). I guess it means "The Next Metal Gear Is On".

I would like to see some experimentation with the franchise myself. I never did finish the MGS games although I intended on playing them, with the other games, in chronological order (MGS3 > MG > the true MG2 > MGS > MGS2 > MGS4).

Yegwa said...

Hm, I like your interpretation of the last symbol to be on, but does that just mean another sequel? Also, using that logic it could also mean 'off'. Bah! I always suck at these things, hehe.

You really should finish the mgs games I think. They are all flawed, but one cannot deny kojima's ambition both with gameplay and narrative. Mgs 2 is the only one of the solid series I didn't finish and I regret it now 'cos it seems he was really working the post-modern angle of videogames and us as players and the stories we agree to participate in which I think he also revisited in 4. I might write up a post about that actually once I play through it again.