Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Fable 2 (Part two) A MAN'S BEST FRIEND!

Well this is the second part of my two part review of FABLE 2, the adventure-styled RPG from LIONHEAD studios which has made a few mild waves this year. As I already noted in the first part of the Fable 2 review, the game is by far the best RPG I've played this year and it seems that isn't going to change, considering of course that games like Final Fantasy XIII are a long way off in development and games like Last Remnant are being tanked by reviewers all over the net. But even in spite of that, FABLE 2 would still be a worthwhile inclusion to any gamers pile of shame. Anyhow, the crux of this blog is to give a few tidbits and sources for certain things about the title game that some people may have missed (bcos we live in an information media starved country, namely Nigeria or simply really didn't bother with because you didn't really care.)

As I walked out of the gypsy camp for the first time, I had barely made it twenty-feet from the gate when I heard Bengus bark out to me. I turned and was surprised to find that my trusted companion was nowhere by my side. As i turned round I saw Bengus ( which is what i chose to call the mutt) some way behind me in the distance with a curious icon over his head. I as made my way back to him, I came to realize that my trusted companion was beckoning me to follow him. It appeared that he found something hidden in the ground and wanted me to take a look. Much to my surprise, I discovered hidden treasure at the spot he had led me to and praised Bengus for his efforts on my behalf, much to his delight.

For those who don't know, the developers of Fable 2 have decided to spare us the rigorous and often tedious chore of digging in random places for items and hidden treasures, a game dynamic I'm sure has led to many a gamer ripping the hairs on their heads out while playing the previous edition of the Lionhead franchise "Fable". But no more! Now you have man's best friend to sniff out hidden items buried in the ground and cleverly concealed treasure chests placed through out the world of Albion, leaving more time to stick a sword in some Hobbe's belly and crush bandits with your hammer. All in all the addition to the game was a brilliant idea, as your trusty mutt learns his own expressions and as you find and purchase books with tricks you can teach him and other books that improve his ability to find higher level treasures. And at least you have a companion to follow you down dark caves and stand by your side in the midst of battle. And while your faithful companion may not be of much use in a fight, he even alerts you to imminent threats like bandits and Hobbe's hiding in the trees or behind rocks, making it almost impossible for you to get ambushed by enemies. I have to hand it to Peter Molyneux (the game's creative director) the addition of the dog was an absolutely brilliant dynamic for the game.

I've also included game trailers below, which most of us may or may not have seen. Enjoy.


Yeti said...

Looking forward to playing this one!
Well we actually have it but can't play it right now... but still i've heard good things about it.

Yegwa said...

I think I will definitely still give this a try for sure as I also have only heard good things. Might steal it from niyi soon methinks!

Also, yeti, you need to give me your xbox live and psn names so I can add you and kitn to my list on both.


Yeti said...

Ahhh yes most definately I have no idea what the PSN one is and our xbox is AWOL at the moment due to no power supply! but sure thing! hit us up on the ol facebook thing.