Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Brain Damaged Toon Underworld and more Cactus Goodness

Cactus, who is one of the more prolific and recognisable indie game developers out there teamed up with Ville Krumlinde to form LoFi Minds, an independent game development outfit based in sweden and this

is their first game. Which is still in development, and I am sure I have talked about even if briefly on the blog before.
Looks awesome huh? Now, I don't want anyone coming on here and saying how it looks like snes graphics or whatever. You obviously need to broaden your appreciation for videogame art styles. Realistic 3D is not the only way to make a modern game look! Go have a look on their website to see more screenshots and some gameplay videos. They are also planning on making it a high definition release which is really cool. 
Cactus has made a lot of cool games such as Clean Asia, Mondo Medicals, Mondo Agency, Ad Nauseam 2, Psychosomnium and a LOT more. You can find most of them on his website
I find him a major inspiration in terms of what I actually would like to accomplish with the games I make, in terms of having a distinct aesthetic, and being able to put out prototypes without fear. Would probably lead to me finishing games quicker. 
Anyway, just putting his name out there for people who might be interested in trying out some indie games. All of which are free!

He also has a compilation of 17 (!) of his best games in one handy zip file which weighs in at a modest 45mb.


The above image is from this thread where there are more examples of fanart inspired by Cactus' games.

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