Sunday, December 7, 2008

L4D - Seamless Tutorial

My girlfriend and I were just discussing how the introductory movie in Left 4 Dead felt like a tutorial of sorts. All of the boss zombies are introduced, you get to see all the moves that the characters can make (apart from the use of first aid kits I think), things that one should be careful of (DO NOT SHINE A LIGHT ON THE WITCH!) and the basic flow of the game.

So, it was really neat to go to Valve's Left 4 Dead site, while I was looking for images for a new banner and another L4D article, and find that they have a blog post up about the very same thing.

These guys are really geniuses. Check out the blog post here. It details the thinking behind the movie and the process they went through to make it happen. Along with early versions of the sequence. Good stuff.

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