Thursday, September 25, 2008

One more thing...

 LittleBigPlanet is going to be soooo awesome.

Once I can get my hands on it, I am going to make sure that every one of our company's internal (and maybe a few external!) presentations are going to be done with it.

Also, I made my first level in Bangai-O Spirits and was able to transfer the sound clip. I will upload it to a host later on for those who might be curious enough to try it out. I am quite happy with it actually even though I am sure it is not really anything great design-wise.

A couple more and I think I might start working in Knytt Stories and see what I can come up with. All this is in aid of making sure that I move along properly to the whole path of making videogames. One of my goals this year is to pay for a programming course in order to learn C, C# and one or two scripting languages. With this base, I hope to be able to move on to C+ and so on by myself (with the aid of loads of books and reference manuals). But, first, I can still make levels so I might as well get the work in there.

And, for those of you that are waiting on my IF project, Mindstar, have no fear, that is still being worked on, albeit very slowly.


Yeti said...

So this is where your hiding!

The Kitn and I have got LBP on pre-order already! Shame it got delayed boooo.

Oh and good luck with the programming! it's not really all that hard as soon as you get your head around 1 language

Yegwa said...

Yo! Yup, running this blog and just set up another one for the comic book publishing and hopefully the game stuff.

Wish I could pre-order LBP, but almost none of the websites deliver or even deal with Nigeria. Too much fraud apparently >.< and Play-Asia always gives me an error with my credit card. Will try again at some point and see what happens. I am also going to be getting Left 4 Dead hopefully. There's a company that ships stuff to Nigeria and you can use them to order, so will see how that goes.

How's Kitn doing? Hope all's good! You still have an xbox? Or just the ps3?