Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Street Fighter IV

I am sooo looking forward to this game now, especially after this review from EDGE.

The fact that they have made the inputs a little bit more lenient and the whole look of the game I think has convinced me to make a proper investment in the game. Might end up getting it for the PS3. Will get it along with some nice Hori arcade sticks if they still 'ave 'em as well.

Just watching the above trailer brought back memories of guys coming round my house back in the early nineties to play SFII Turbo. Sometimes we had up to 17 people all in my room waiting for their turn.

I was never VERY good at it, but I could at least hold my own against most people. I wonder if the benefit of age and more gaming experiences would have helped my SF game somewhat. It doesn't matter even if it doesn't though, I am sure I will have a blast generally anyway.

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