Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Bangai o Spirits!

Am I late to the party yet? This game is everything I wish I could do with an action/puzzle/shmup right now.

My bro got me a copy for my birthday (which hasn't come yet btw)

Ever since I played bangai o on the dreamcast, I was smitten with the universe and the game. I always thought that it would be cool to do a game about explosions (with or without fruit). But Treasure went ahead and did another one anyway, simultaneously dashing my mad dreams and firing me up with their level editor.

I will write more coherently about it soon, once I have finished at least 50% of the levels on offer. Suffice to say though, I am way impressed with it. Such good, frustrating, addictive fun. Tearing through a cloud of missiles with an energy sword to reach the robot firing them and then destroying said robot with a couple of slashes will probably never get old.

I think I see what they see in that star wars ish.

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