Tuesday, September 2, 2008

This is so nice!

ELA in Love at First Byte from Fernando Sarmiento on Vimeo.

I would love to see a videogame with this art style and feel. The colours are just too nice! Maybe even with the FMV to go with it. Would be cool and subversive to have a modern videgoame out with graphics like this and cutscenes involving real people again. Only Command and Conquer seems to be keeping the flag flying. Well, them and Kojima in his introductory sequence to MGS4.

But, with regards to the art style itself, it just reminded me of TRON and Rez all over again, but with a richer colour palette. Rez was the last game in recent memory to push the envelope on vector graphics and such and was all the better for it. Would be nice if more game developers were to make games with this sort of 3d pixel vibe to them. Maybe even with more muted colours. The thing that I quite like about the colour selection in this video is that you can believe that it doesn't take place in a computer world (a la Rez and TRON), but just in a strangely animated one.

Found via super punch and made by Pepper Melon with more info on the short here

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