Thursday, September 25, 2008

Keep It Clean

Bungie just released the above teaser footage for their new game(?). The video is called Keep It Clean and is obviously related to Halo 3. The teaser doesn't show much, rather like most teasers, but it does show Flood, multiple drop pods (probably Flood-infested) and shots of a futuristic city.

I have two theories about what it could be.

1. This is in the future, after Halo 3, mankind has rebuilt, and the flood somehow come to our planet and this is the story of some gutsy marines keeping the parasite at bay without the aid of Spartan 117.

2. My second theory, and the one I hope is right, is that this story is going to take place on a Forerunner world and chronicles the attack of the Flood that caused chaos for them before they left. I would love to play as a character called Mendicant!

Anyways, sorry (to all three of my readers!) I have been absent for a bit. Work got pretty intense and is looking to remain so for at least another two weeks or so.

Monday to Wednesday are public holidays however, and I am planning to take as much advantage of them as possible, so maybe I will make a couple more posts during the next couple of days.

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Bee said...

well, just as long as you apologised...