Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Yes, Today is post day.

I am trying my hardest to resist getting a PSP once I have some disposable income for this game. Well, not this particular game, but its PSP incarnation - Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G, or Monster Hunter Freedom 2. The need for a co-op hack n slash, gear hunt game has been getting stronger and stronger in me for a while now, and I guess it is keying into my increasing disinterest in games that are too long and have stories (well, dull, generic stories anyways).

Of course there is the problem of getting other people with PSPs to agree to buy Monster Hunter, and even then I would have to see them regularly in order to play it with them...but the temptation is still there. I mean, just look at it!

Huge monsters, big weapons, loot...everything a man could want out of a game distilled into a handheld. I wish Etrian Odyssey was multiplayer at times. I don't know how they would have done it, but it would have been cool to go exploring through the labyrinth with my party knowing that my girlfriend's party was somewhere else in it and then we could hook up and exchange maps in order to get the full picture of the level. And then if someone was in trouble with a FOE, then the other party could wait for them to get killed and sneak in with a warp wire to get them home.

Dammit, its getting harder to resist the lure of Monster Hunter now...shame that Phantasy Star Online has a HORRIBLE camera for offline multiplayer play, that would have been awesome, then I could have used that as a stop-gap until I could legitly afford to get a PSP...preferably the Monster Hunter limited edition one here.

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