Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Electric Ghost

I just realised that I hadn't written anything recently about my IF project. Well, production slowed down a bit on it due to real life issues, but I have continued fleshing out the plot and some of the script. I think I have a much clearer idea of what I want to accomplish with the game though, and I realised that it slots quite neatly into some other stuff I have been working on. In line with that, I have decided to change the name of the game and unveil the hastily produced logo and banner for the entire story universe, of which this IF project will hopefully be the first release:

I am also working on a comic book script that will occur in the same universe. I don't really know whether it will be linked in any way to the game yet. I will see where the story takes me.

The universe is basically based in the present with some occassional jaunts to the past and the near future. It focuses on two major parties known as The Shades and The Hues for now, and their secret wars for power, and the running of the world. Of course this is nothing original really, but I am hoping to add some unique elements to the way they function and what kind of stories I am telling. My aim is to hopefully make people think a little bit more.

Once I get the game up to the end of at least the first chapter, I will upload it for all to see.


Gamine said...


Funny that you would make this post

on this date.

Yegwa said...

Hi! How do you mean? Are you also working on an IF project?