Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Mighty Jill Off

Mighty Jill Off banner made from artwork by
Harvey James and Auntie Pixelante.

Mighty Jill Off is a masocore platform game featuring a chubby submissive lesbian gimp named Jill ascending a tower in order to please her dominant mistress known simply as the queen. You can get it here. Go and play it then come back once you have died, no continues allowed okay?

Okay, welcome back. How did you enjoy the fall/burn/bite/impaling on a phallic spike? You had better have enjoyed it. The queen gave it to you to like and there's more where that came from.

As you can tell, I really enjoyed the game. It is actually quite tough, and even though it is short, you will probably die a hell of a lot more in the time it takes you to finish it, than you will probably die in the same space of time in most other games you will play this year. The game itself is simple to explain and even to play. You must guide Jill up a tower via an increasingly tortuous set of vertically-inclined platforming levels, sometimes dodging enemies, and other times floating over flames or spikes. There are no moving/invisible/crumbling platforms to navigate, and the only enemies to speak off are spiders that look like pixel versions of the skulltulas from Ocarina of Time. Jill herself can jump, run left and right and float, making the entire game playable with just three buttons. This type of spare and focused design is always really nice to see and it means you can introduce anyone to the game and be confident that they will be jumping and dying in no time.

Like Rescue The Beagles which I wrote about before, it is fun and does have nuances of control and strategy. The first time I played through the game, I finished it in about 31 minutes. The author says she can finish it in about 9 minutes (if I remember correctly) so obviously there is a whole lot of improvement to be had.

I cannot really get across in words how much fun it is to be jumping and floating up a tower at the whim of a hot, dyke queen in order to receive more punishment. I encourage you to experience it for yourself.
For some more of the awesome concept and ingame art you can check out the artist's livejournal page here, and for more games by the author, including a really cool western called Calamity Annie you can check out her blog here.

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