Tuesday, October 21, 2008

He got me!

Peter Molyneux finally got me...again. I had vowed to myself never to listen to the man since Black & White came out almost ten years ago. Not that it was a bad game, it was just that I thought it was something else. I thought it would be a game about playing with a creature possessing sophisticated AI and using him to conquer the land. What I got was a real-time strategy game with a lot of micro management...and I suck at RTS games. Since then I haven't had anything to do with Lionhead.
Hence, I didn't play the first Fable. I even had an xbox at the time, but a combination of my wariness of Mr. Molyneux's promises and an utter dislike for the art style kept me away from it. Afterwards, the comments on the game made me happy that I didn't succumb to the pre-release hype. A flawed, but very enjoyable game I read. The 'flawed' part was enough to make me justify my decision not to pick it up. That and I really didn't like the art style.
(Okay I just lost my original post because the browser crashed and I thought it was quite awesome and beautiful and witty and succinct and...ah the agony. Anyway, below is a summary. Yes, I am lazy.)
This made me pay attention to Fable 2. I then found out that Edge gave it a 9/10 and that it featured co-op play. That definitely blew my mind. Co-op play in a deep rpg! I really, really hope it is offline as well. I have found that on a lot of websites nowadays, when they say co-op, they could mean online co-op and not offline and not bother highlighting the difference because they can almost assume that most people have broadband internet. That sucks, and it also means that I have no idea whether Fable 2 still has offline co-op. I read a preview of it somewhere that said that the co-op was demo'd on a single system, so I hope that remains. 
But, the dog, the houses, the combat system, all that is really awesome to me now. I still don't really like the art-style in-game, but the concept art is actually strangely compelling...and ugly. I think I am going to be picking this up.
Yes Mr. Molyneux, I am back in your fold, please don't hurt me! 


Gamine said...

Now whats wrong with Black and white

Yegwa said...

Nothing like I said, I just felt like I was sold something I didn't want.

The micro management that had to happen in real-time was just way too much for me. I can't handle the rts shuffle :-(

I did have a lot of fun with my creature though!