Sunday, October 26, 2008

New poster

Well, there's a new member of the blog. His name is niyi and he will be posting reviews of games as well as various thoughts of his own on different games and so on. I don't expect we will agree on everything (maybe not even a lot of the time!), but I respect his views and think it will be interesting having another voice on here. It will also force me to take promoting the blog seriously. If I can make the blog a place that Nigerian gamers can hang out and share tips on where and how to get various games legitimately as well as organise meets and so on, it could be very cool.

Anyways, I am sure he will put up a post in a bit introducing himself properly so I will leave that to him.

I am also going to be starting a podcast that should be launching by the end of November. I am hoping to get various gamers here talking about gaming in Nigeria, the challenges involved and our own thoughts on various games and gaming history over here. Look forward to it! "Some Kill Giants podcast".

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