Monday, October 27, 2008

And yet another game for the pre-harmattan season

Hm...I see that Niyi hasn't introduced himself yet as he ought to, but no matter, I am sure he will come round in time. Or I will have to beat him with a foam bat until he does.

This post is not about him, apart from the fact that he will be involved whether he likes it or not. This post is about Valve. This post is about this game -

I don't know how I was about to let this pass me by. Somehow it seems like I have missed most of the hype for Left 4 Dead. All I knew was that Valve was releasing a zombie shooter, but I had no idea what it was called, and even though I was interested in what "Valve did next", I just kept postponing my looking it up.
Now that I finally have, it has suddenly shot up to number 2 on my most wanted list (Little Big Planet is still whispering sweet words into my ear). I have been waiting for a great co-op game, and I hope that this is it. I trust Valve a lot after Portal lived up to its hype and I have enjoyed all the Half Life games, so a procedural zombie apocalypse to be survived with friends that is being put out there by them is essentially a no-brainer for me.
Definitely getting the 360 version though as it would be a lot easier to get 3 other people on one console to brave it out and maybe it could become our new multiplayer game instead of Halo 3 over system link.

Below are some videos showcasing the gameplay and a trailer so you can see what I am getting pumped about.

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