Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Left 4 Dead available on Steam

Left 4 Dead is available from Steam today! Shame, I still have to wait until I can figure out a way of getting it when it launches for the 360 in just a few more days.

Almost all the previews and impressions from the demo have been glowing, and there is a bit of an early review from the guys over at shacknews and they also like it! Plus, don't you look forward to this?

Or running away from them?

I was tempted to get this via steam since I do have steam on my PC and have a system capable of running it, but the fact that I would have to play it online or on a LAN makes me balk at the thought of it. I want to play this with my friends and be able to see and hear them screaming or laughing.

Well, hopefully, it will just be a few more days. I was talking with a friend about a courier service that helps get things down to Nigeria fast. If it works out, will post about it on here so that you guys can know too.

I have actually been looking into bringing games in for sale, but have been having challenges, if this works out, maybe I will roll with it.

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