Thursday, June 26, 2008

First Post!

Woohoo! I get to say that once more. After several abortive/miscarried attempts at keeping a blog, I am here again...maybe this one will last?

Anyways, I was inspired to make this post after reading a post by the always insightful Chris Plante of Hard Casual over at gamesetwatch - link. It made me think about my whole plan to make videogames once I had settled down in Nigeria. The 'settling down' period has been going on for the last oooh 3 years and 6 months now, and it doesn't seem like I have made any head way at all into game development. Well, I am going to sit down and try again. So, this blog is going to have my game development exploits, as well as commentary on various games I have played or even some game design theory, and some other arty stuff.

Anyways, do rss and let's see if I can keep you interested!


Bee said...

Congratulations on setting up the blog. You know that I believe it's been long overdue.
I have always enjoyed your insights on gaming et al and I'm happy that there's an easy way to subscribe to them, now!
May this be the beginning of a long run! Cheers!

Yegwa said...

A long and PRODUCTIVE run. Yes indeedy! :-)